Holi is one among the first celebrations of Hindus. it’s referred to as the festival of colours . it’s celebrated across all parts of India with great joy and enthusiasm. This festival generates feelings of affection and brotherhood among people. People enjoy this festival by eating tasty foods and singing, dancing with great joy. Everyone meets family and friends on today and express their happiness through the exchange of Happy Holi wishes. it’s a two days festival commencing on full-of-the-moon night with Holika Dhahan. the most Holi festival is widely known subsequent day of Holika Dahan.

There is a story behind celebrating this festival Holi. it’s said that long back there was a king named Hiranyakashyap whose son Prahlad was a lover of Lord Vishnu while his father was a robust opponent of Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap wanted to kill his own son because Prahlad had believed Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap wanted his son to call him Lord and to not Vishnu. So he tried to kill Prahlad. King’s sister Holika had a boon of never getting killed by fire so he asked his sister to take a seat in fore with Prahlad on her lap but Prahlad was saved by Lord Vishnu and Holika got killed within the fire. Since then the people of Hindu religion celebrate the festival of Holi with great fanfare per annum as a victory of goodness over evil.

This festival Holi falls on the complete moon day i.e, the Purnima of Phalguna month. Holika Dahan is completed within the evening of the complete moon day where people take in front of the hearth and pray that their internal evil is destroyed the way Holika was killed ablaze . On this occasion, the people become involved in cleaning homes, arranging goods for delicious recipes, delicious foods, and sweets.

Holi may be a festival that’s considered as each day where people forget, forgive and makeup for broken relationship and came to the happy world again. They forget their bad behaviour and play Holi by throwing colours over them, applying abeer on forehead and hugging one another . People play colours on the road by singing Holi songs and dancing on the music along side their family, friends and particularly children’s are highly enthusiastic who start buying different colours a week before Holi even they begin twiddling with colours with their friends, neighbours and relatives with pichpaki and little balloons.

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